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Art Tuition

GCSE Art and Design

I help my students at this level with sketchbook work, coursework sheets and ESA Exam preparation. From initial ideas, to developing sustained and personal projects, I can provide expert and enthusiastic support.

Some need help with observational drawing, others with media experimentation and technical aspects of various 2D and 3D media. Having quality artist research and critical analysis are essential for top grades in GCSE Art; my aim is to help you excel at, and enjoy this process!

Many of my students go on to study A Level Art - hopefully as part of a life-long engagement with this wonderful subject.

A Level Art and Design

A Level students have made a commitment to a focused and thorough study of art and design, in both practice and theory. Perhaps you are looking to pursue a creative career, or to hone your existing talents alongside your other subjects.

Whatever your goals are, and whichever specialism you choose, I can help you to create a substantial, quality body of work that is underpinned by solid research and ideas. I will guide you in finding your own creative and academic path and prepare you for the next tep up in your education.

The jump from A Level to Foundation or BA can be one of the hardest times for art students. I can help you get through this with confidence and flair.

Art Foundation

The Foundation year has been a staple of art education since its inception in Germany in 1922. The radical concentric circle model still forms the structure of the course today, with its focus on spending time in different disciplines before specialisation.

Students are expected to work confidently and independently, in preparation (in many cases) for a dedicated creative career. Fresh from A Levels at age 18, some students can feel overwhelmed by the multitude of influences, options and approaches in this dynamic environment.

Having taught as a Visiting Lecturer at the same institution where I studied the Foundation Course, I am well-placed to offer excellent support for students at this level, and to help them prepare professional and original portfolios for their next steps as artists or designers.

International Baccalaurate

The IB Visual Arts uses a similar circular structure to the Foundation course. This rigourous two-year programme also aims to preare students for creative careers and higher education in the arts.

The quality of both the written and practical work required is in line with IB's irreproachable and internationally-recognised standards. 

Furthermore, students taking this programme may have English as a second or other language, meaning that they will graduate with an even greater skill-set at their disposal. 

I can provide online support to students anywhere in the world, should they need help with this committed and creative course of study.

BA and MA

While students at this level are expected to work largley independently, some will still need support in specific areas. They may be struggling with particular aspects of drawing, need extra dissertation help or want an alternative opinion on their professional portfolios.

I have helped students who were behind with their work, due to language issues, additional needs and health problems, to regain ground and complete their courses. University should be a time of exploration, discovery and enjoyment, not deadline stress and performance anxiety, so if any of this applies to you, please get in touch.

Young Learners

In my view, the mainstream school curriculum simply does not provide enough opportunities for quality, intentional creative learning. Indeed, the core subjects are prioritised with good reason. But the benefits of guided creativity in support of these objectives is sadly overlooked.

Perhaps your child has a talent or love for art, or you are looking to provide some valuable creative activities to enrich their learning experience during this formative and wonderful part of their lives.

I would be delighted to help with any of these things, and can provide a safe, relaxed and inspiring enviroment for young learners' creativity to flourish.

Adult Learners

My adult art students have set me some of the most interesting tutoring challenges to date. It can feel unsettling to be an independent learner with awareness of aims and abilities, whilst requiring help with specific aspects.


Many adult learners have preferred working methods and fairly fixed ideas, in contrast to the spontaneous and experimental approach of young learners. Some have come to me for help with technical perspective drawing, others for observational drawing. I have also helped Masters students with the art theory aspects of their dissertations.

Whatever the task, I can provide the supportive and focused guidance needed to achieve your goals.

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