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Anti-Bullying: LUDUS Tuition's Commitment

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

I'm delighted to share the news that LUDUS Tuition is now an Associate Member of the Anti-Bullying Alliance, "a coalition of organisations and individuals that are united against bullying."

Creating a space where students feel safe to learn is fundamental. I believe that as educators, we have a responsibility to promote and embody the value of respect at all times. That's why I'm proud to say that LUDUS Tuition has made a public pledge to this by joining the ABA.

This organisation is doing excellent work in the field by providing anti-bullying support, information and initiatives UK-wide. Their vision is:

"to stop bullying and create safer environments in which children and young people can live, grow, play and learn."

Indeed, students cannot learn effectively unless they are ok. A big part of being ok is managing our relationships and interactions with others. We can't succeed in a vacuum; we all need each other. And for this to work, we must treat every person we meet with respect, and expect the same from them.

Alongside our rigorous standards of achievement, LUDUS Tuition is committed to modelling positive behaviour; as such, we can help students gain the confidence and social skills they need to thrive, as well as the academic qualifications. Here are some examples of how a quality learning environment can eqiup students to deal with difficult situations:

  • Having a positive relationship with their education improves students' self-esteem, which in turn can increase assertiveness. The more robust their sense of self is, the less vulnerable they are to bullying.

  • Making a commitment to an activity and sticking with it, even if it's challenging, builds resilience. And resilience is a key attribute in dealing with bullying.

  • Developing interests can foster meaningful connections with like-minded people, and create a support network. This network can act as a safety net if the student is targeted by bullies.

It's clear that young people need relatable role models to assist them in navigating an increasingly challenging social landscape. I'm excited to align with the ABA's mission and look forward to sharing the benefits of their initiatives with our students.

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