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What is ‘Enriched Learning’?

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Alongside ‘Demonstrable Progress’, part of LUDUS Tuition’s motto is ‘Enriched Learning’. We’re all familiar with the idea of learning as something that needs to be done as part of life’s progress; as a step on the pathway to training, work or further education. So, how do we ‘enrich’ the educational experience? Learning can be fun, and that’s important, but it’s not just about enjoying the process.

Enriched Learning is about making meaningful connections with real life contexts, drawing on personal experiences, making discoveries and exploring the world with intentional curiosity. Our education affects every facet of ourselves, for life, and should not be seen just as exam grades or something to put on a CV. It colours our experiences and creates a framework, it helps us to make rational decisions and to enjoy quality interactions.

Let’s look at some simple and accessible ways that we can enrich the learning experience:

- Be critical. Consider perspectives and contexts.

- Real-life applications. Real scenarios, effective practical knowledge.

- Creativity. Risk-taking, experimentation, exploration, inspiration.

- Kindness. Generosity, curiosity, open-mindedness, listening skills.

That seems a lot more exciting than exams, reports and timetables, doesn’t it? The best part is, the enriched approach to learning will provide the foundation for a lifetime of integrated, meaningful attainment. This will enable students to incorporate the ‘nuts and bolts’ of education into their lives effectively, in a way that resonates with them as a person.

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