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Were You The Bully or the Bullied?

We ALL Have a Part to Play

This is a very difficult and potentially painful question to ask. The chances are, it's a mixture of both. I can definitely (but not proudly) say that I have been on both sides of this unpleasant dynamic. I think admitting one's own flaws, mistakes, times when you've been complicit or times you've ignored a problem is a really important step in reducing bullying.

Anti-Bullying Week 2023

As I mentioned in a previous post, LUDUS Tuition is a member of the Anti-Bulling Alliance (ABA). This brilliant and worthwhile organisation has encouraged members and non-members alike to 'Make a Noise About Bullying' for Anti-Bullying Week, starting on Monday 13th November.

A Vital Issue

This issue is very important to me both personally and because I work with young people. I see it as my responsibility as an educator to promote positive behavioural values. Young people experiencing bullying deserve to feel safe and heard. They also need opportunities to reach out and communicate, and trusted adults to model how to do this.

Odd Socks Galore!

I will therefore join the call to wear odd socks for Anti-Bullying Week. I will be wearing a different pair of odd socks EVERY DAY of the week. I will upload a sock photo and include a real-life story about bullying and how it was dealt with. I hope that in doing this, readers will see that this is a universal and complex problem that deserves ongoing attention. And you will also get an exclusive view of my collection of novelty socks!

Join Me!

Keep an eye out for the Odd Socks posts next week and feel free to join in the conversation about how we call all work together to combat bullying.

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